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Seven essential skills for every youth basketball player with aspirations of playing competitively in high school and college.

Body Movement – Mastering the natural movements of one’s own body and discovering how those movements are utilized in the game of basketball are essential to the development of every youth basketball player. The foundation of Magic Elite’s training curriculum is footwork, balance, rapid changes in speed and direction, and repeat movements that will be valuable throughout an athlete’s entire basketball career.

Ball Handling – The skill most directly correlated with an athlete’s self-confidence and willingness to push the limits of what can be achieved on the court is ball handling. Once confident in their ability to dribble, athletes quickly become more effective in every other aspect of the game. Magic Elite coaches help players discover new ways of manipulating the ball and integrate those new abilities into their game through drills and controlled game environments.

Shooting & Finishing – The difference between good high school basketball players and those sought by major programs and universities is their ability to put points on the board. Through repetition and 1:1 coaching, players in Magic Elite Basketball Academy become technically-sound shooters and finishers that are confident, spend less time on the bench, and make a big impact.

Defense – A strong understanding of defensive strategy and technical skills is absolutely necessary to the well-rounded development of every youth basketball player. At Magic Elite, we focus on common scenarios and body movement patterns that empower athletes with the knowledge and skills they need to protect leads and re-start the offense.

Passing – As players’ body movement, ball handling, shooting, finishing, and defensive game improve, players then need to learn how to most effectively translate those skills into opportunities for their team to put points on the board. As players begin working on more advanced drills and participating in controlled gameplay scenarios, Magic Elite coaches ensure that players learn how to read game situations and become effective passers with both hands.

Triple Threat – Triple Threat is the ability for players to access passing, shooting, and attacking opportunities when they have possession of the ball. There is a major emphasis on footwork in this area of the curriculum. Triple Threat teaches athletes to identify / put themselves in a position to select any of these three options when they receive the basketball.

Basketball IQ – In parallel with their technical training, Magic Elite coaches ensure that players understand the “why” behind their training, which goes beyond simply understanding the rules of the game. As players become more familiar with Magic Elite’s Training Curriculum, opportunities to incorporate those new skills and abilities into their game become more numerous. And as players find success on the court, those lessons and experiences become part of their natural instincts. At Magic Elite, we call this a player’s “Basketball IQ” and believe that it is as critical to youth athletes’ long term development as the technical details of their game.

The Yusuf Family

[Magic Elite] has created a great environment for these boys to flourish in. They have the right balance for hard work and fun. He pushes my son to his potential on the court and still keeps it fun for him to want to come back excited the next day. I have received numerous calls from Sean wherein he asks to speak to my son after practices and gives him tips on how to be a better leader on the court. My son broke his arm skateboarding last year and Sean encouraged him to come out to practice and dribble with the other arm, helping him continue to grow. He's always pushing him to do better while still building his confidence. Overall, he's been a great influence on my son both on and off the court.

The Latif Family

The Rookie Academy is awesome! Not only do the kids gain solid bball fundamentals but they enjoy every minute of it. My son Adam loves it and it has really lit a passion for bball in him. We came over from the east coast and the skills training here is head and shoulders above where we came from. I look forward to Adam being a part of Magic Elite for a long time.

The Schafnitz Family

We are so grateful to have found this program and that it is so close to home. Coaches Sean, & Andrew (along with the rest of the coaches) are doing an amazing job of teaching the game of basketball. There is no "going through the motions" here. Drills are changed-up and feedback is given continually to each player on a 1:1 basis. The program evolved outdoors with COVID, but didn't miss a beat and was able to adapt to effectively serve it's families. The program is passionate, relevant, competitive and caring; my son is growing and thriving in the game as a result.

The Roberts Family

Peter has tried many sports and been involved with several teams in the community. Nothing really "stuck" for us until we discovered Magic Elite. After his first week of practice, Peter advised that he had found his tribe and was ready to commit. He looks forward to basketball practice and time with his teammates every week. It is the highlight of his day. He is not only learning the skills of basketball from talented and experienced coaches, but he is also learning concepts such as teamwork, commitment, and integrity, all while having a ton of fun. Magic Elite is exactly the community and sports family we were looking for and we look forward to many great seasons together.

The Braun Family

Magic Elite has been an amazing experience for our son and the entire Braun Family. The coaching staff challenges our son to be a better player on the court and a better person off the court. The coaching staff does an exceptional job of reinforcing basketball skills while encouraging growth and development. Off the court, Magic Elite has done a terrific job of forming a community of families that enjoy each other's company. We have seen tremendous growth within our son and look forward to many more rewarding years as a Magic Elite family!

The Maddox Family

We have been a part of Magic Elite and have known Coach Sargeant for close to 3 years. Of note, one of Coach Sargeant's teams went undefeated one year and our son got to be a part of that. It was through that experience that he was exposed to other talented players who have grown up as part of the Magic Elite Club program. We are thrilled with our son's growth as an athlete - he doesn't necessarily want to be part of Club (yet); but we see him getting ready on his own and genuinely looks forward to going to practice twice a week. It's a late practice, but he still comes back with a great attitude, a good amount of sweat, and a smile. From what I have observed in the last 3 years - he's having fun and growing into a more mature player. We want to say thanks to all of the coaches - but a special shout out to Coach Andrew who has been a part of our son's basketball life - from the 4th grade.

The Tafreshi Family

Magic Elite, well they could not have picked a better name. After being part of two other clubs, and no disrespect to the other organizations or coaching staff we have found our home. The staff and coaches are wonderful. The coaching is great, they make sure that all players get the right amount of time and coaching as needed to bring the best out of the plyers. The best part is bringing the players together and that’s "MAGIC".

The Azadi Family

Magic Elite, well they could not have picked a better name. After being part of two other clubs, and no disrespect to the other organizations or coaching staff we have found our home. The staff and coaches are wonderful. The coaching is great, they make sure that all players get the right amount of time and coaching as needed to bring the best out of the plyers. The best part is bringing the players together and that’s "MAGIC".

The Warner Family

Being new to the area, we were looking for a club that has strong coaching and a clear approach to player and team development. Magic Elite has an approach using individual skills, 1-vs-1, and full team development to provide space for players to challenge themselves and each other; ultimately providing a better introduction to the game. Magic Elite has provided our son with meaningful training experience to be a better player, build confidence, and increase teamwork on and off the court. The atmosphere is positive and supportive, with good communication, and a high level of commitment by the coaching staff to the players – I would recommend Magic Elite to other players and families.

The Rosenblatt Family

Magic Elite Basketball is an exceptional skills and development program. Founder, Sean Sargeant and his team of coaches do an amazing job of creating drills that emphasize footwork, ball handling and teaching fundamentals and mechanics of the game. Their attention to detail and passion for the game are second to none and their commitment to player development is demonstrated daily in their practices and interactions.

Players are challenged to learn from mistakes and are often corrected and given instruction in a positive atmosphere. We have been especially grateful that this league has continued to find ways to stay open and safe during Covid. Our son loves working with Sean and the Magic Elite coaches, and looks forward to being pushed, working hard and being challenged both mentally and physically every time he shows up to practice.

The Condie Family

Magic Elite has been an essential part of my son's athletic development. From the skills development to the tournament play, the instruction and coaching has been first rate. The program is full of coaches who can teach all levels of skill development and in-game simulation. The icing on the cake is the positive approach they take and friendships the program has fostered amongst the kids. Highly recommended!

The Kraninger Family

Magic Elite has been a fantastic experience for our whole family. We've had all 3 of our children (1 boy, 2 girls) play in the program, and they all loved the fun, yet competitive environment that challenges them to bring their best. As parents, we appreciate that Sean and his staff focus not only on improving their skills and knowledge as players but on their leadership and accountability as young leaders for the next generation. If you attend a practice, you'll recognize that philosophy when you see the players run sprints not when they miss shots or make a bad pass, but for when they're lazy, take plays off or don't help their teammates up off the floor.

Magic Elite is also special because it feels like a family. Sean and his staff take time to get to know each player and family individually, and they create opportunities for all the families to get to know each other. When we've gone to tournaments like San Francisco and Las Vegas, our kids seem just as excited for the extra activities as they are for basketball. It's always a blast to hang out with other families at the pool playing marco polo, going to a warriors game or renting out a party room at Dave and Busters. Magic Elite is truly a first class program for the players and families. Thank you Sean, Andrew and the rest of the staff for such a wonderful experience.

The Nicholson Family

The coaches at Magic Elite are passionate about basketball, but more than that, they are passionate about promoting a growth mindset in life. I believe that we grow and learn best when our environment is socially and emotionally safe AND where mistakes are welcome (because they are learning experiences). The messages and coaching my son gets in this program align with this philosophy. The Magic Elite program coaches the whole human (physically and mentally) and for that I am grateful!

Ruttan Boys

The Ruttan Family

We have 3 boys that have played Rookie Academy and absolutely love it. They can't wait to start playing again. They are currently 6 and 7 years old and just starting to learn about basketball. The coaches are very experienced and do a great job of keeping it simple for their age and also making it a lot of fun.

The Cottrell Family

We are OBSESSED with Magic - it has truly been one of the very best children’s programs (of any kind) we have ever been a part of. My son had tried another basketball program and it felt disorganized and he wasn’t really getting any “coaching”. This has been the exact opposite - he LOVES his coaches, is learning amazing basketball and life skills and has gained a ton of confidence. Especially with the uncertainty and isolation of this pandemic, it has been a bright light to watch our son progress and connect while doing something he absolutely loves. It’s been one of the greatest investments we have made in him and his development as an athlete and human! Thank you Magic!

The Meyers Family

This program has not only strengthened and improved my son’s core basketball skills, but it’s empowered him mentally to be able to set and reach high goals while maintaining a positive and hustlers attitude. This club has taught him to always SHOW up. To show up for yourself, for your teammates, for your coaches, for your parents and for those watching you. To hustle and grind every time you step on the court. To give your best in life! Not just basketball. This club holds its players accountable for their sportsmanship and their attitudes on and off the court. The coaches give 110% to their players and they expect the same effort in return. It’s a club that focus is to create exceptional athletes who do amazing things in all areas of their lives. Thank you MAGIC!